I Love You In Every Universe Hoodie

A reminder to love yourself or the perfect hoodie to give to someone you love. Inspired by Dr.Strange but designed to have an aesthetic look. Whether you watch the movies or not, this hoodie is designed for style but also can hold a deeper meaning behind it.

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I Love You in every Universe Tote

The perfect tote to cary for a reminder that you are loved not in just this universe but if the multiverse theory is real, every universe. This is a canvas tote with colorful embroidery. 

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Wanda Crown Trucker

To all my Wanda Stans out there, this hat is for you. Feel your most powerful confiendent self when you wear this crown trucker... does not come with magic unfortunately

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Dreamers Sweatshirt

Warm and Cozy feeling of Nostalgia. This sweatshirt is inspired by the beloved wishes fireworks. You will be reminded to let your conscious be your guide and to alway do as dreamers do! May All your wishes come true!

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Dreamers T-shirt

Alway remember to let your conscious be your guide when you wear this soft Tee!

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The Beginning of Magic Aura

Hello everyone my name is Lexy, some of you may know me by Gnarly Threadz. I started posting on instagram in 2019, selling unique thrifted clothing. Growing up with embroidery machines my whole life, I began embroidering on the thrifted clothes to make them new again. I then turned Gnarly Threadz into a brand and making my own designs, I blew up on tiktok for the famous Embroidered sneaker hoodies. I was living my dream but in 2020 and 2021 I had to face the hardest years of my life. From being so happy to being the most depressed I had ever been, my anxiety was taking over and I wouldn’t allow myself to do anything for my business. My passion had become my biggest fear. My followers left in the dust, and my thoughts were taking over. I never thought I would be happy again. For a over two years I was trapped inside my mind. Wanting to create and make content but my mind wouldn’t let me. I put unrealistic expectations on myself, I thought everything had to be perfect before I could share any ideas, content or creations with you all. This is part of my journey struggling with mental health, I know how alone I felt and I don't want you to feel alone. I now have a purpose for my brand. That is to spread awareness to mental health and to be there for anyone who is going through it like I was. I want to make clothing that will remind you that you will get through it. You will have bad days, but you will also have magical ones. To those of you have followed me from the beginning, maybe you joined one of my lives, ordered a sneaker hoodie, or got a custom order I am so grateful for you all allowing me to chase my dream. I hope you guys will continue to support me and be on this new journey with me. I never thought I would get to this point of picking up my business again, but here I am. I want to put Gnarly Threadz to rest. Although it brought so much good, it also brought so much pain.  I want to start fresh. Magic Aura will be a reminder that you can and will get through anything life throws your way.

For my past, present, and future supporters, customers and friends I invite you to come along on this magical journey with me.